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Verizon Wireless Mobile Switching Centers:
Charleston, SC • Charlotte, NC • Columbia, SC
Greensboro, NC • Greenville, SC • Raleigh, NC

New Construction


Providing complete Architectural and Engineering services as well as project management, Quality Engineering designed multiple switching centers for Verizon Wireless in the South East.

From zoning to occupancy, Quality Engineering was able to meet the clients strict time line while providing a state of the art facility.

Design criteria included:

Stringent Zoning Requirements
Precision Environmental Control
DC Power System
Backup Power System
Smoke Evacuation System
Raised Computer Floor System
Up fit/Expansion
  In addition to full Architectural and Engineering services, Quality Engineering has also provided smaller scale Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design and installation services for Verizon's various up fit and expansion needs throughout the South East region.

Television Broadcast Studios:
WCSC Charleston Channel 5, SC • WCCB Charlotte Channel 18, NC

New Facility Design


At WCSC, QE designed the technical area floor plans and worked with the client to do full motion 3-D models to help with design decisions. We also designed & installed the Audio/Video systems using fully integrated VidCAD design systems.

New Studio Installation in Existing Facility

Designing a full new Master Control & Production facility in WCCB's existing, height restricted basement, QE met the customers needs with no interruptions to existing operations upstairs.


Dielectric Transmission Line Layout:
World Trade Center, NY • Mt. Sutro, CA • WBZ Boston, MA

New Transmission Line Layout

Quality Engineering created complex 3-dimensional models of the existing conditions in order to integrate new transmission lines with very little to no impact on existing facilities.

Utilizing 3-dimensional modeling enabled us to specify line lengths and part numbers prior to installation, lowering installation costs and reducing the project timeline.


Transmitter Facilities:
Various Locations Throughout the United States

New Construction


Quality Engineering provided full turnkey design, engineering and project management for American Tower's new 6300 sq.ft. transmitter facility at Elgin, South Carolina all within the clients budget and time requirements. The building was designed to accommodate three large television transmitting stations and one local area cellular or two way radio transmitting station.

Up fit/Expansion

Releasing the client from burdensome project management tasks, QE provided services including RF transmitter design & installation, transmitter cooling design & installation, HVAC design and AC service upgrades.

Each project had it's own specific design hurtles, with the primary hurtle being a lack of space. In all cases, we were able to install the new transmitter into the existing facility without expanding the building.

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